“Secluded – Afskåret” premieres on CPH:PIX

afska%cc%8aret_posterOn November 4 th the feature film “Secluded – Afskåret” premieres on the Danish film festival CPH:PIX. In the film Thomas plays a central role as the part of Sarah’s uncle Kenneth.

19-year-old Sarah is going on holiday deep in the Swedish forests with her parents. Everything seems to be completely idyllic, but just as she leaves behind civilisation and mobile phone coverage, she discovers that a sex tape of her has been shared on the internet. Without a connection to the outside world, it is difficult for her to prevent the video from spreading, and Sarah’s world slowly falls apart. But what seems like her life’s worst crisis is overshadowed during the holiday by an even worse nightmare, that has fatal consequences for the entire family.

“Secluded – Afskåret” is a Danish debut by Anders Fløe, which touches on the topics of revenge porn and secrets that get even darker in the light of day.

Julie Christiansen and Thomas Magnussen in "Secluded - Afskåret"

Julie Christiansen and Thomas Magnussen in “Secluded – Afskåret”

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