The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Mischief Festival opened on May 24th at The Other Place in Stratford upon Avon.

Thomas plays the part of Swedish particle physicist “Fritjof” in The Earthworks and that of investment banker “Tom” in Myth. The plays are performed as a double bill and can both be experienced at TOP in Stratford until June 17.

Read an excerpt from a review by Andrew Exeter here:

“The scientist Fritjof (Thomas Magnussen) becomes the character we want to dissect most through his arcane presence on the stage. Magnussen is deeply emotional and yet totally comic in his performance as the Swedish scientist and his shift across the play is seamless and deeply emotive. As we meet the straight faced unreadable scientist it is immediately striking that we will have to work to understand this character and Lena Kaur is a key part in allowing our understanding as the intrigued journalist Clare. The revelation of the play allows for Magnussen to become heart wrenchingly emotional and his relationship with Kaur becomes contrastingly playful and happy in his darkest moments as a human reminding us to keep positive in our lowest times.”

The review can be found its entirety here

Production photos from The Earthworks and Myth:

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